Good afternoon to all our valued customers.

After having several amazing feedbacks from customers who visited us last week, we are very delighted to inform all our customers about quality product that we use for those who’s not aware of.

We are using UK’s best of the best Cod&Haddock produced by LEINEBRIS LINE-CAUGHT. Leinebris describe them self with 3 words, WHITER, FIRMER AND OF COURSE IS THE BETTER... We are very proud to be only the shop who users the top fish in the market.


LEINEBRIS is a Norwegian company with a heritage going back to 1898. Today they are owned and operate worlds most modern longliner. Leinebris family are very passionate about longline fishery and ensures a quality and consistency of the absolute highest standard. When they delivering their products to IPSWICH CODFELLAS, they are guaranteeing their


All their Cod and Haddock from the Barents Sea comes from sustainable fishery and is fully MSC certified.


All their fish is FULLY TRACEABLE.


All their fish caught while still alive by hook and line and frozen within 3 hours of being caught, ensuring premium quality and freshness.

The Best potato in the market.

Lincolnshire Red strip Sagitta

Sagitta is a round potato with shallow eyes. It has golden Skin and a fluffy texture due to its high dry matter content. The potato does not tend to discolour on cooking.

This variety is very good and best for chipping. Amazingly flavoured and taste is incredible.

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